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JLU is continually working on ways to improve the accuracy of coding and to make it more efficient for clinicians and coders.  Much time is spent by Clinicians, Coders, Intake & QAPI staff on selecting the correct diagnoses and following coding guidelines.    Incorrect coding leads to delays in payment and costly errors.  In home health, one coding error can reduce reimbursement by $400 - $1,800 per episode.


Annually purchasing the Rapid Reference Guide as a companion to the ICD-10 textbook will keep agencies in compliance with coding changes and up-to-date with coding reimbursement. The RRG is updated annually with any new, updated diagnoses and any changes to guidelines or case mix.


Tried and True: this guide has been utilized by the beginner coder and the advanced coder as staple at agencies since 1994.

Some of the Benefits of Rapid Reference Guide Are:


  • Includes hundreds of the most frequently used post-acute care ICD-10 diagnosis codes specific to home health, hospice and skilled nursing facilities
  •  Format is a time saver as a one step simple lookup
  • Requires no medical training to utilize guide
  • “Look-up” may be done by the medical abbreviation, saving time searching
  • Color coding/conventions identifies areas to cue the coder
  • Symbols identify: 7th character needed, laterality present, manifestations (sequencing)
  • Column to identify case mix diagnoses for home health
  • Additional information section contains helpful reference tools
  • Small size allows for book to sit desktop or fits easily into a nursing bag


Why Do I Need to Purchase?

Make a sound investment with purchasing the Rapid Reference Guide (RRG) for all staff.  One coding error is a minimum of $300 of lost revenues. This book pays for itself over & over again.

Clinical Staff need training and additional resources on ICD Coding to obtain appropriate reimbursement. RRG will assist staff in the correct selection diagnoses, assignment of codes and understanding the PPS categories for home health. Hospice staff will utilize for specificity of terminal illness and comorbidities.
The Rapid Reference Guide is a convenient size to fit in the clinician's nursing bag. RRG is also essential for Intake staff and Performance Improvement Specialists as a handy desk reference.

Due to the complexity of the ICD Coding System, JLU's Rapid Reference Guide is a great accompaniment to any ICD classes/training. Additional guides may also be purchased for non-participants. Over 15,000 copies of this guide have been sold nationwide. It is a specially designed, easy reference tool to alert coders on diagnoses that impact reimbursement and assist them in choosing the correct codes.


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