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Health Information Management (HIM)
Consulting & ICD-10 Coding Solutions


Auditing of Records

  • OASIS / HHRG Documentation and Coding Analysis & Data Metrics
  • Chart Review Utilizing Tracer Methodology
  • Quarterly Clinical Record Review & Training
  • Hospice Record Review


Compliance Activities

  • Clinical Documentation Review and Reimbursement Analysis
  • Responding to Requests for Additional Documentation (ADR) from insurers /CMS; ALJ Hearings
  • Auditing of personnel / HR records for compliance
  • HIPAA, Corporate Compliance / Billing Practice Audit and Training
  • Legal Issues of Medical Record Security (HIPAA)
  • Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) Training & Instruction
  • Detailed Operations Analysis
  • TPL / RAC / CERT / MAC Assistance & Preparation
    • – Review of Records and Provide testimony for denials and appeals
  • HIPAA Risk Analysis Training
  • Confidentiality & Data Security In-service


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Transition to Electronic Records (EHR) and Imaging
  • Policies & Procedures for Electronic Health Records
  • Correction Policies for OASIS and Other Electronic Documentation
  • Understanding Your Vulnerabilities with EHR
  • Legal Health Record Strategies
  • Development of Computer Patient Record Stratgies


Health Information Management (HIM)

  • Implementation of IM Standards / Information Management Plan
  • Development of a Record Retention Schedule and Management
  • Short Term Interim Management
  • Analysis of Paper Flow Operations
  • Analysis of Systems from Referral to Billing
  • Course to Train Record Manager


ICD-10-CM Coding Education

  • ICD-10 training In-Person or Webinar [ Course Descriptions ]
    • –Training offered in ICD-10-CM
    • – Education Bundle & Proficiency Test includes education for all departments as well a proficiency test for current coders
  • ICD-10 On Demand Webinars
  • ICD-10 Auditing
    • – Training offered in ICD-10-CM
    • –  Referral Information Audit to determine specificity collected at Intake
  • Coding Department/Model Efficiences & Analysis
  • Coding Certification


Performance Improvement Projects

  • Performance Improvement Projects (FMEA, Falls Prevention, Safety, Infection Control)
  • QAPI Program Review
  • OBQI / OBQM / PBQM Report Analysis and Training
  • Summarize Data for Annual Reports
  • Quarterly Analysis of Data
  • Potentially Avoidable Events Report Analysis and Training
  • Value Based Purchasing (VBP) Reporting Analysis


Remote Coding & Auditing

  • OASIS / PDGM Documentation and Coding Analysis
  • JLU’s Certified Coders will review your coding / OASIS for compliance before sending to the data repository


Start-Up Operations

  • Medicare Start-up Operations for Home Health; Hospice 
  • Certified Home Health / Private Agency / Hospice Start-Up Mock Survey
  • Assistance with GAFC application process


Survey Readiness Preparation

  • Joint Commission / CHAP Readiness Preparation / Tracer Methodology
  • Advanced Medical Record Review Utilizing Tracer Methodology
  • Periodic Performance Review (PPR) Analysis and Completion
  • Environmental Walk Through To Identify Deficient Areas
  • Detailed Operations Analysis
  • Joint Commission / CHAP / ACC Mock Survey
  • Summarize Data for Annual Reports
  • Quarterly Analysis of Data



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